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Why Sigilo® Fleet?

About Sigilo® Fleet

Fleet Management on your smartphone or tablet. Sigilo® Fleet Management offers the newest technology to facilitate equipment record keeping. Developed to be an efficient, paperless method for capturing REPAIRS, MAINTENANCE & INSPECTIONS of your equipment in a user friendly format that is consistent and recognizable.

Optional SMiT®-CHiP

Sigilo® Fleet Management uses SMiT-CHiP® technology to wirelessly send data between the equipment and your Android Smartphone. Imagine having access to the maintenance and warranty information of your equipment ON your equipment. No hunting for maintenance logs, repair information or warranty details.

Benefits of using Sigilo® Fleet Management:

  • - Capture all repair costs (Labor & Parts)
  • - Track preventative and repair events
  • - Prepare and complete inspection reports
  • - Store warranty information
  • - Automatically generate alerts based on usage
  • - Complete work order management
  • - Fleet Management on your Smartphone
  • - Equipment history log in an electronic format
  • - Electronic file folder - eliminates paper folders
  • - Simplifies equipment management
  • - Easy to use mobile app to organize all of your equipment's data
  • - Quickly retrieve important data to better maintain your fleet

What is Sigilo Fleet?

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