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Why Sigilo® Fleet?

About Sigilo® Fleet

Fleet Management on your smartphone or tablet. Sigilo® Fleet Management offers the newest technology to facilitate equipment record keeping. Developed to be an efficient, paperless method for capturing REPAIRS, MAINTENANCE & INSPECTIONS of your equipment in a user friendly format that is consistent and recognizable.

Benefits of using Sigilo® Fleet Management:

  • - Capture all repair costs (Labor & Parts)
  • - Track preventative and repair events
  • - Prepare and complete inspection reports
  • - Store warranty information
  • - Automatically generate alerts based on usage
  • - Complete work order management
  • - Fleet Management on your Smartphone
  • - Equipment history log in an electronic format
  • - Electronic file folder - eliminates paper folders
  • - Simplifies equipment management
  • - Easy to use mobile app to organize all of your equipment's data
  • - Quickly retrieve important data to better maintain your fleet

What is Sigilo Fleet?

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