Mesh Wireless Hour Meter Specifications

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Model Number - 10012

Model Number - 10012Sigilo wireless hour meter is an easy to install and cost effective enhancement to the Sigilo APP.  The hour meter quickly gathers the equipment’s operating hours and transfers the data to the APP.  The App creates work orders for maintenance items which require attention based upon hours of usage. 


Network capable: Apple and Android compatible.  Sigilo hour meters have the unique ability to communication to other hour meters to expand the communication network.  This feature allows a multitude of equipment to transmit information to your smart device in large area   



Operating Voltage: 7-24 Volts    

Maximum Voltage Spike –  1000 Volts

Average Current Consumption: 15 mAmps

Maximum Current Consumption: 25 mAmps

Wire Size: 18 AWG

Wireless Frequency: 2.3 GHz

Water Resistant               

Dimensions:  2” x 4” x 1”

Mounting Style: Screw flange



What’s in the hour meter kit:

(1 pcs) Wireless Hour Meter

(2 pcs) double sided adhesive

(2pcs) self-tapping screws

(3pcs) wire splice connector



The hour meter consists of 3 wires, RED = 12 volts, Black = Ground, White = 12 volts “ on” . The black and red wires can be connected to the battery terminals. The white wire can be connected to any wire that is 12 volts when the piece of equipment is on and 0 volts when it is off. Examples of these would be at the key switch or PTO solenoid. The hour meter kit contains a wire splice connector to make installation fast and easy.  


Communication:  Requires handheld Sigilo link and smart device.


Set Up: 

To add the hour meter to your Sigilo Fleet App please visit. Simple interface to guide seamless




Any type of equipment with a 12 or 24 volt system. Outdoor power equipment, rental equipment, heavy and light construction equipment, compressors and generators





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